The Family Ties That Bind These Agencies

At Perryton Insurance, we are family -- pure and simple. Here, we service our clients as though they are family members. Not because it sounds nice and kind to do so. Rather, it is who-what-why our family is in this business.

Chad Johnson

Chad is a Perryton Texan through and through. CJ graduated in ’97 from Perryton High School and earned his Business Degree from Oklahoma State in 2002. His pursuit of a career in insurance began thereafter. His father joined him in 2010 with the purchase of The LaMaster Agency. Then, in 2014, the Johnson's purchased Barnett Insurance and renamed it Perryton Insurance. For the past seven years, this father and son tandem has never looked back nor altered their grassroots, 'Perryton-Family' approach to their service. Chad and his wife, Kelsey, are proud parents to three and consider these, by far, their greatest accomplishments.

Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson is a native Texan, 'born and raised' from Dumas. Following his service in the US Navy, Joe pursued his love of flying and became a commercial pilot. The mantra in the Johnson household was and remains 'outwork the next guy and earn your sustenance'. The preceding aptly describes the way he 'piloted'. After a lengthy and successful winged career, Joe joined his son's insurance practice in 2010 and brought this non-entitled work ethic philosophy with him. Now, a grandfather of three, 'Proud Papa Joe' is all about family. CAUTION: Unless you want to see his grandkid photos, do not ask Joe for them -- you'll be there awhile! Family is everything with Joe Johnson! 

Family dictates policy at Perryton Insurance, because nothing is more precious or important to them or their clients.

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Life Happens
Are You Insured Or Are You Served?

WHY Insurance?

Unless you are blessed with the ability to foresee the future, life holds unknowns in store for each of us. These can be both magnificent and devastating in consequence. Insurance is designed to assist you with the latter---period. 

WHY Perryton Insurance and The LaMaster Agency?

In a word…Service!

Just because you’re able to dance or throw a football does not qualify you to be on stage at Radio City Music Hall or play quarterback in a SuperBowl. There is absolutely no difference with the above analogy and the field of insurance service. We get that life happens and we stand ready to serve you when it does--period.

The fact is, at Perryton Insurance and The LaMaster Agency, we serve -- WE DO NOT SELL! We offer you factual data and market comparison rather than fear and rumor. We have families. We have this business. We drive automobiles and pilot boats and, every now and then, ride RV's and motorcycles. We are concerned about the health of our kids, our spouses, our friends and our clients.

We get that life happens and we stand ready to serve you when it does--period.

WHEN is Insurance right for you?

Your individual needs dictate this answer. Fear should not dominate your thought process as it relates to the unknowns and when you deem it necessary to insure anything. However, both logical circumstance evaluation and the study of statistics can play key roles helpful in your insurance decision making.

WHEN to choose Perryton Insurance and The LaMaster Agency?

After we have relayed our market analysis to your individual scenario, the variables will be in place to make a truly educated insurance decision within your own time frame. We are long-term thinkers and do not subscribe to a 'fear based' or pressured answer. When the time is right in your specific case is when the time is right to insure. We firmly believe that you are the only one qualified to make that call. However, our service model is built upon providing you with the no-nonsense information you deserve to help you throughout the process.

HOW Insurance?

Applying for insurance coverage can be intimidating. There are forms with 'industry' verbiage that are both complex and arduous to complete. The one thing to fully understand is that once the above has been initiated, there is a 'waiting period' to manage prior to officially becoming insured. In other words, the application will, more times than not, take time to approve and should be considered from a need based timeline.

HOW Perryton Insurance and The LaMaster Agency?

We realize that insurance applications and forms are not at the top of most 'bucket lists' in life. We understand that the very process scares many individuals away, which places them in harm's way by not being insured.  

We streamline all applications by having obstacles and issues addressed prior to ever sitting down with our customer. Your day is busy. Your desire is to 'move through this quickly and efficiently'. We recognize this and create lists of 'prior to' signing need. This allows you to preplan for the items most applicants are not prepared for and avoid frustration and slow downs.  

Again, we are in the service business. Our family knows precisely what you want and how to provide it with the utmost efficiency. At Perryton Insurance and The LaMaster Agency, we do not sell---we serve.

WHO are Perryton Insurance and The LaMaster Agency?

We are a family business serving other families. In the event that you feel you have heard that one before, here is our true differentiator.  

An insurance sale IS NOT WHAT WE STRIVE TO ATTAIN—EVER! An insurance relationship/marriage is what drives our business and always will. Short-term thinkers are more than willing to do 'what it takes' to close a deal today and worry about tomorrow when it comes. We plan for your future by making you an important part of our future. This business is a relationship business and therefore, demands caring for customer need over monetary gain.  

We know that most consider insurance a necessary evil. We also know that the industry is laden with agents and agencies that seem great during the ‘dating phase’ but afterwards, tend to have a forgetful 'service' memory.  

At Perryton Insurance and The LaMaster Agency, we are members of this community who walk these same streets, eat in its restaurants, shop in its stores, watch its kids grow up, attend church and live our lives right here. We are insurance professionals who believe in accountability and prove it daily.  

Let us show you why we want an insurance relationship with you and allow us the privilege of serving your needs.