Auto Insurance

What is as certain as death and taxes? Most likely, it’s auto insurance. 

In the crazy world we all live in, accidents DO happen. And when they do, you’d better have the necessary protection – not just to replace your vehicle, but to protect yourself from all the bad drivers, larceny and liability lurking around every corner. 

Don’t worry – we’ve got the wide assortment of carriers, coverage, protection, pricing (and the pricing discounts!) to fit every budget and every vehicle. 

You’ll drive safer and sleep more soundly knowing that you and your vehicle are perfectly protected. 

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ATV Insurance

Your All-Terrain Vehicle is your favorite workhorse, whether you’re riding it during a long day’s work, or simply enjoying a relaxing day of play. That’s why you take good care of your versatile companion. And why you make sure it’s protected by ATV insurance that works just as hard. 

In the pasture, over the hills or off the road, your ATV deserves the best protection you can provide to cover any losses or liability issues, so that you and your workhorse don’t need to worry about fire, theft or injuries related to its operation or storage.

Of course your ATV deserves the best protection – you two have plenty of adventures left to tackle.

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Classic Car Insurance

She is your pride, your joy, your baby. No, not your wife or daughter – your classic car! You’ve invested time, money, energy and love into your special ride, and that’s exactly why you want your baby protected from any dangers.

We understand how you feel about any classic car you own. We also understand that since your beauty doesn’t necessarily get driven as much as your daily driver vehicle, you shouldn’t have to pay as much for her protection. And with us as your insurance provider – you won’t!

You’ve restored your ride to perfection. Now it’s time to protect her with the perfect classic car insurance plan. She’ll thank you for taking such good care of her!

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Motorcycle Insurance

You love the open road, the rumble of thunder sitting underneath you as you travel the highways and byways, even though you could probably do without the bugs flying into your face, but that’s another issue…

Let’s face it – nothing beats the freedom you feel riding your motorcycle. And nothing beats the freedom from high motorcycle insurance rates that you’ll enjoy from us! 

Get ready to rumble and know that you and your bike are protected from every kind of hazard or liability that might come riding your way.

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RV Insurance

You’ve made a sizeable investment in your motor home, travel trailer, camper or fifth wheel trailer. But you’ll drive a lot better – and sleep a whole lot easier – knowing that your ‘home away from home’ is fully protected.

With affordable RV insurance along for the trip, you can see the sights and enjoy the activities along the road with greater peace of mind.

Being completely protected from the hazards you may encounter on your RV travels… that’s what being a ‘Happy Camper’ is all about. 

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