Flood Insurance

People here know that, even though it doesn’t rain that often in these parts, when it does rain, it can come furiously and in buckets – often accompanied by tornadoes and other destructive weather forces. That’s why flood insurance can make a lot of sense.

What people may NOT know is that flood insurance is only offered and underwritten by the U.S. government, relying on topological and floodplain data to determine where the greatest flooding risks lay. 

You may be surprised by what the federal government has determined to be lowlands susceptible to flooding. But you don’t want to be surprised by whether you need to be protected by flood insurance! 

Don’t find out by accident that you need flood insurance. Contact our office today and find out if your home or business is located in such an area and if you are eligible for this kind of specialized flood protection. 

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Home Insurance

For most people, your home is your single-most valuable investment and #1 asset, so it only makes sense that you would want to protect it.

The good news is that your homeowner’s insurance does a great job of protecting your home and its contents to a great extent. Things like property damage caused by a fire or storm, slip-and-fall accidents to visitors, damage to garages and outbuildings due to accidents or disasters, even much of your home’s contents are protected from loss. 

The not-so-good news is that you have to be a wise consumer to know what is protected and what isn't. For example, your homeowner's insurance will cover the property damage caused by bursting water pipes. However, it will not cover replacement of the pipes themselves, which might have to be chiseled out of concrete foundations or other labor-intensive steps to replace. 

Let our insurance experts show you where there may be deficiencies in your current homeowner’s insurance; and how easy it can be to protect you from those unknown, unseen risks that you might only discover, um, by accident.

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Renters Insurance

If you rent an apartment, duplex or other property, the question isn’t ‘Do you need Renters insurance?’ The question really is, ‘How much Renters insurance do I need?’

No, your landlord’s property insurance policy does NOT cover your rental property losses! What’s more, you also need renters insurance to protect you from any liability concern. Why? If anyone is injured in your house – a friend, neighbor, or the pizza delivery person – they could sue you.

The truth is, renters insurance is very affordable, it covers all of your personal property, and in many cases, your landlord may require that you have it.

Let’s face it – no one wants to have to pay out-of-pocket to replace all of their furniture, clothing and other items due to fire, theft or other loss. Let us show you how affordable and easy it is to protect yourself and your belongings with renters insurance!

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Do I Really Need Insurance?
Had you known the accident was going to happen when/how/where/why it happened, you could have avoided it.